Monthly Archives: November 2016

Holiday Table Runner

The holidays are always so busy I do not have time to sew. But when the holidays are here I get these moments I wish I would have made something for the table to class it up under the all the yummy dishes. I don’t really think of these things until they happen. Here is my finished Holiday Table Runner I sewed for this holiday.

I wanted something and did not have time to fuss over creating it. So I made this simple holiday table runner to put my Baked Dishes on for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did one side for fall and the other side for Christmas. Staying away from a print that would limit just Thanksgiving I used some fall leaves so I can use it longer in the year.

Appliqué created from coloring book

Wanted to create appliqué from this cute toucan in a coloring book I found at the Dollar Tree. He looks like he would have personality. I can vision him to be very colorful on a tropical background fabric.

Choosing some bright batik fabric like this striking red made him stand our. Love the background fabric I found, it had that tropical look to it.

Sewing the details on I really like that look he has, kind of reminds me of my husband and the look he gives me sometimes. LOL

Needing to work on my free hand quilting skills and thought I would give this a try. I am creating a raw edge quilt and I want lots of texture so I thought some raw edge appliqué would look really nice.