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PE Design 10 Auto Punch Embroidery

PE Design 10 Auto Punch Embroidery was used to create this dog in this design. I used the fonts on my Brother Quattro II in the design. I show how well PE Design 10 did on the auto punch with the pathing. This was a simple black and white design that I used the auto punch to bring in with png extension. I made sure the file was clean before I brought it into PE Design 10.

Please visit Pooch’s Partners @ they are doing some really great work there. You might find a pooch for you! There is a lot of information about adoptions, volunteering and donations any help can help save a dog!

My Brother Quattro II is not the latest machine from Brother but, it does such a find job and I just got it paid off. I am not ready to upgrade. I bought it with one of the promotions they offer for 60 months interest free. Those promotions are really nice.



Quilt Block using Starburst 60° ruler

I had this idea to make like a flower design Quilt Block using the starburst 60° ruler.  thought I would try it out. Came out pretty good the first one I’ve ever done. I will only get better in time.

These rulers all cost a lot and are for specific designs, which often limits there use. Trying to come up with some other ideas. One thing I did not like about this ruler is it leaves a lot of wasted fabric. I had to find something creative use the waste for so I decided a Dresden plate would be nice or the fabric left overs. I hate to waste fabric!

I have uploaded this video to YouTube. Please leave your comments if you have any suggestions on how I could’ve improved the problems I had with the sewing. If you have a suggestion on how I could have improved the video would even be helpful,  I’m new at all so it’s a learning process. Thank you.


Cat to Appliqué

Adding another Appliqué square for my quilt from the same coloring book. Here I picked out a cat that I really liked that is simple.

As you can see when you cut up a few items in the drawing you can add some real interest.
I have taken the back leg, tail, chest and inside of ears and made them a darker color.
With the ball of yarn I added, I did one solid color for the base color and added some scraps I had to add interest and they will fray with washing to add more texture.

Frog to Appliqué

Adding another Appliqué square to my quilt from the same coloring book.
Here I picked out a frog that I really liked that is simple.

I made the belly out of another fabric. To get the tree branch in with the feet I cut them out but still leaving them attached to the main body and slid the branch into the feet. Worked out well. The original picture just had the ends of the branch empty, I added some leaves to make more interest.

I learn something new each time I make a appliqué out of a coloring book drawing. When I am done I often see where I could have done something different but still pleased with the fact that I did it and completed it. God knows I have enough unfinished projects laying around under something. LOL