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Graffiti Quilting Practice

Going to try Graffiti Quilting. I am new to quilting and have done mostly simple quilts. There are so many talented people out there quilting and seeing their work just inspires me.

I have been influenced by artist like Karlee Porter and Amy Johnson doing Graffiti Quilting. So I thought I would give it a try. Those ladies make it look so easy! Karlee works on a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 machine and Amy uses a home machine.

So I thought I would give it a try. Here is over 25 hours total play.

After trying out my graffiti quilting skill for over a week now, I find I like it. I really like playing with trying different colored thread. At the beginning I felt totally out of control. Like my hands would not move in the direction my brain was going. Then sometimes I think my brain got stuck on stupid or something. LOL

Install Sew Zipper NO Pins

Install sew zipper with no pins, I use this tape for holding many things that would require pins but do not want the distortion pins create or that pins would just be in the way. Using the tape made it easier and faster. Zippers can be hard to install using pins that distort the fabric.


Warm Corduroy Jumpers

I have used the same pattern over and over again with different variations. I love corduroy in the winter and it is like wearing a blanket.  I even make a few scarfs to add to the jumper. None of the patters have zippers. They are all pull overs.

Cotton Dresses W/Matching Bloomers

My same trusted pattern with a little change in the design. I use a patter for my bloomers that I can also make capris out of. The pattern is retired (Butterick 6884) for the but there are other patterns like it.

Cotton Dresses

For Sewing Cotton Dresses I use two main patterns to make most of my dresses. May be someday I will try another pattern. All have side seam pockets. I just cut them up differently. I really like the dresses with the bodice they give me a shape and hide any extra weight I may be caring.

Adding bloomers can make hot days nicer because they are made of cotton and keeps my legs from sticking together. I did not make matching bloomers for these dresses here. I ware white with lace when I do not have matching bloomers. Plus I like they way they look.