Little Quilted Blanket

My Grandson Kayden ask me to make him a little quilted blanket to use in the front room. He picked out his colors “lime green and blue”. He ask for a satin trim.

This blanket was a real challenge for me. With the colors he ask for and he also ask me to use lime thread for the quilting. I let him pick out of my stash and he picked about 6 fabrics and some I thought did not look good, but he wanted me to pick out of these. He also wanted the blanks lite “Airy” so I did not want to do much quilting. I used a 100% polly batting witch gave it that lite airy feeling. Adding the satin binding was well for me new and scary. I watched as many videos as I could find on youtube until I felt I could meet the challenge.

Well the end result was not without flaws but turned out just the way he wanted it.
For him it was flawless.
Love is Blind!
I love you Kayden!