Quilt Block using Starburst 60° ruler

I had this idea to make like a flower design Quilt Block using the starburst 60° ruler.  thought I would try it out. Came out pretty good the first one I’ve ever done. I will only get better in time.

These rulers all cost a lot and are for specific designs, which often limits there use. Trying to come up with some other ideas. One thing I did not like about this ruler is it leaves a lot of wasted fabric. I had to find something creative use the waste for so I decided a Dresden plate would be nice or the fabric left overs. I hate to waste fabric!

I have uploaded this video to YouTube. Please leave your comments if you have any suggestions on how I could’ve improved the problems I had with the sewing. If you have a suggestion on how I could have improved the video would even be helpful,  I’m new at all so it’s a learning process. Thank you.